Saginaw Timber Company No. 2
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steam locomotives number 2, number 1385, and number 1

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Saginaw Timber Company No. 2, also often referred to as Polson Logging No 2. (the locomotive's third owner) arrived at Mid-Continent Railway Museum on November 22, 1982 and was operated at the museum for the first time in Fall of 1984. (View a more in-depth history on our roster page).

No. 2 ran its last trip to Quartzite Lake and return to North Freedom during Mid-Continent's Snow Train event in February 2000 before being removed from service for extensive boiler repairs plus modifications to meet newer Federal Railroad Administration regulations released at the time.


Saginaw Timber
Company No. 2
Chicago & North
Western No. 1385
Western Coal &
Coke No. 1


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