Copper Range Railroad 25 Restoration Complete, Rides to be Offered Aug. 24-25, 2013

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Photo Credit: Bill Buhrmaster
After years of use at Mid-Continent, followed by decades on display, the car was in need of work. Paint was stripped in 2007. By August 2010, the exterior restoration of the car was nearing completion. CRRR 25 and sister car number 60 on display in August 2011 following the 25's exterior restoration. Ticket clips allowed conductors to check for tickets without disturbing passengers. Dave Attoe (left) and Owen Hughes (right) apply gold leaf striping to headliner panels. October 2012.
Owen Hughes (foreground) applies one of numerous coats of paint to the CRRR 25. August 2010. Owen Hughes (left) and Richard Dipping (right) led volunteers in the restoration process. August 2011. Owen Hughes inspects the gold leaf striping applied to one of the CRRR 25's headliner panels. October 2012. Hat racks preparing to be installed into the CRRR 25. April 2013. The first new, custom-fabricated seat is test-installed for proper fit in May 2012. Nearly all original seats were removed prior to the car's arrival at Mid-Continent.

The newly installed ceiling panels as viewed through the car windows. June 2013.

Installing the custom-fabricated seats reverse-engineered from the original American Car & Foundry Co. designs. June 2013. Nearly-completed interior restioration with all seats installed. June 30, 2013.


Photo Credit: Richard Dipping
Beginning in late 2011, the restoration shifted focus to restoring the car's interior. In August 2012, the floor is seen with paint stipped. Owen Hughes prepares a headliner panel for application of gold leaf striping. A completed headliner panel with gold leaf striping.


Photo Credit: Ray Buhrmaster Collection
Copper Range Railroad no. 25 as it appeared in September 1962 in Houghton, Michigan. Ray Buhrmaster Photo. CRRR 25 in Houghton, Michigan in 1934. Ray Buhrmaster Collection.

CRRR 25 in Houghton, Michigan. October, 1942. E. A. Batchelder photo. Ray Buhrmaster Collection.


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Lentz. All photos taken following the completed restoration of the exterior in August 2011.
Copper Range Railroad no. 25 after completion of exterior restoration. Passengers board the 25 when rides were offered in 2011 aboard the car following the restoration of its exterior. CRRR 25 sits in Mid-Continent Railway Museum's North Freedom train yard in between rides. Passengers await the train's departure during rides given in 2011. This image showcases an evolution in railcar design. The all-steel car at left is a little over a decade newer than CRRR 25. Higher speeds and longer, heavier trains required sturdier cars. This caused wood cars like the CRRR 25 to fall out of favor.
Deleware Lackawanna & Western steel coach-baggage car sits side-by-side with the wood Copper Range Railroad 25 coach-baggage car. Lettering on the CRRR 25 for the Railway Express Agency. Detail of the number marking with rain drops. Baggage door on CRRR 25. A familly from La Valle, Wis. awaits the start of their train ride.
Copper Range Railroad no. 25 (near) is pictured during an organized photo opportunity in August 2011. The 25 is joined by sister car, CRRR 60. CRRR 25 interior in August 2011, prior to significant new restoration work. Compare to current Bill Buhrmaster photos. CRRR 25 interior in August 2011, prior to significant new restoration work. Compare to current Bill Buhrmaster photos.