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Copper Range Railroad No. 25 Unveiled
Rides to be Offered Aboard Newly Completed Restoration

Saginaw Timber Company #2 builder photo
Copper Range Railroad no. 25 interior, July 2013.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum is pleased to announce special trains have been scheduled during the weekend of August 24-25, 2013 to pull the newly restored Copper Range Railroad no. 25. Copper Range Railroad 25 has special significance as one of the earliest cars to be added to Mid-Continent's collection when it arrived 50 years ago in 1963. It also joins sister car Copper Range Railroad no. 60 as one of the premier restoration pieces held at Mid-Continent.

For more history of the Copper Range Railroad 25, visit the Equipment Roster page.

After thousands of man-hours of pain-staking restoration work and generous financial contributions from project supporters, CRRR 25 is finally ready to make its official debut. To celebrate, Mid-Continent's Car Shop has arranged for the 25 to be open to the public for rides for ONE WEEKEND ONLY on a special train to run on August 24-25.


The Copper Range Railroad no. 25 special train will depart at 11:10 am, 1:10 pm, and 3:10 pm on both Saturday August 24th and Sunday August 25th. These times are 10 minutes after Mid-Continent's regularly-scheduled steel coach car trains. This special train will include Car Shop volunteers riding along to answer questions about the CRRR 25's restoration and commemorative replica Copper Range Railroad tickets.

The special train will consist of the following cars native to the Lake Superior region:


Tickets aboard Copper Range Railroad no. 25 are set at $25 per ticket. Membership passes, coupons and other discounts may not be used toward this special train.

Seating in CRRR 25 is limited to 35 persons per departure. Avoid disappointment by reserving your seats!

To make a reservation online, click the "Buy Tickets Now" button below and select the 11:10 am, 1:10 pm, or 3:10 pm departure times on either August 24th or 25th. Please note that a limitation of our online reservation system is causing two coach car floor plans to appear on screen during the reservation process. Rest assured, all passengers purchasing the $25 tickets for CRRR 25 will in fact be seated aboard the CRRR 25.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum's operating caboose, the DM&IR C-74 will be attached to the end of the Copper Range 25 special train and tickets to ride in the caboose are available via the reservation system. Please note that while it is connected to the same train, these tickets are for a completely different car and are not valid for riding aboard the CRRR 25 car. Make your ticket selection in the reservation screen accordingly.

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Copper Range 25 after exterior restoration

Copper Range Railroad 25 after exterior portion of restoration, completed in 2011.


Copper Range 25 in Houghton, Michigan prior to shipment to Mid-Continent Railway Museum

Copper Range Railroad 25 in Houghton, Michigan. Photo taken September 29, 1962. Ray Buhrmaster photo. Bill Buhrmaster Collection.


map of location of Grays Harbor County in Washington State

Copper Range Railroad 25 (right) with sister car CRRR 60 (left) at Mid-Continent Railway Museum in 2011.