Mid-Continent Mission Statement
The Mid-Continent Railway Museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the railroad legacy for the educational benefit of the general public. Its primary focus shall be on railroading of the Upper Midwest during the golden Age of Railroading, 1880-1916.

The Museum adheres to the
following principles:

1) to collect and preserve rolling stock, structures, and other artifacts that meet the Museum's focus;

2) to restore the equipment based upon sound scholarship;

3) to operate a demonstration steam passenger train in an historically accurate environment of a turn-of-the-century rural railroad;

4) to interpret, through Museum display and educational programs, the history, equipment, skills, and the human facets of the rail industry;

5) to maintain a library and archival collections in the interest of promoting historical studies of the industry;

6) to hold the Museum's collection in the public trust, ensuring long-term care of historic objects entrusted to its collections.